Not dead yet

Dear D&AD,
Can we print the 58th Annual?

We grew up reading the Annual, that huge mysterious book that floated between desks at universities and agencies, binding genius between its borders and for us, cementing the fact that we had chosen the right job.

It’s an industry bible. A beautifully designed hardback book you could always tell was by creatives for creatives, to celebrate and inspire creativity. For as long as we’ve been writing lines and drawing scamps, we’ve wanted in.

Finally, this was our year.

We had a specially saved space on the shelf and a bit of money put aside for the very first time we were going to actually feature in the prestigious D&AD Annual. It was a moment we had dreamt of our whole career. It was gonna be our most cherished item. We were gonna pop it pride of place, or ‘accidentally’ leave it open on the coffee table. Our Mums were gonna buy copies to show their friends. It was going to be so cool.

But all of a sudden that’s not happening.

The 58th annual is set to be exclusively digital.

The new format “heralds a more accessible and sustainable future for D&AD”, making access to the world’s best in creativity easier than ever, for more people than ever, with the smallest environmental impact ever. This is progress. It’s definitely the right thing to do.

But we still want the book.

So, if you guys are cool with it, we’re going to print it for ourselves. And anyone else who wants a copy. We’re still figuring out the loose ends, but any profit made will go to planting trees - trees that might one day become more annuals, keeping our traditions of creativity alive.

A pair of hopeful creatives

If you want to see the 58th D&AD Annual printed, press the button below: